We just returned to San Diego after attending the International Conference on Security – West in Las Vegas. Our industry, like so many technology businesses these days is changing rapidly. At Alarm2000 we focus on the equipment and services that will allow our clients to secure their homes and businesses more effectively and with cost efficiency.

This year our focus was in two areas. First, enhanced “Smart Phone” applications for our clients through Total Connect for Honeywell systems and Alarm.com for GE Interlogix systems. DSC finally is able to show us their version, but it is still not available for users, so we will just have to wait and see how it compares to the two products now on the market.

Our second area of interest was in finding affordable video surveillance solutions for our clients. Customers are frustrated with only having a choice between cheap DIY systems sold in big box retail and warehouse stores that are difficult to install, of disappointing image quality, and don’t last very long, or much more expensive high quality systems that we currently are able to offer.

We discovered a new product that we think has a bright future for Alarm2000 and our clients. It is called Check Video. With this product, there is no digital video recorder and no cable to run as the  IP cameras  send their signal to your WIFI router, and the images are stored in the cloud on the internet. Because the cost of a DVR and the hours of labor to run cable are eliminated, the entry cost is lowered substantially. There is a monthly fee for the service of course, but the break even point from the initial savings is several years. Plus it makes sense that if an intruder is in your property, they could steal or damage your DVR and the images of their intrusion are unavailable and useless. With off site recording, your images are secure.

We have ordered some cameras to test the product at our place before marketing it to our customers. I can’t wait to show off this new technology to current and future clients of Alarm2000


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