Sandra C. wrote into the site wanting information on adding the feature of controlling her security system through her “Smart Phone”.

The big national security alarm monitoring company, let’s call them “Another Darn Television commercial, is spending $100 million dollars advertising this feature, and give the impression that they are the only company possessing this exciting capability.

Alarm2000, and just about any other reputable alarm company in San Diego can offer this feature to anyone with a reasonably current Honeywell or GE alarm panel. Platforms are under development for other panels and should be available very soon.

With a Honeywell Vista or Lynx panel, the owner needs to add a Global Satellite Module or “GSM” to their system and sign up for “Total Connect” service. For a demo you can go to

With a GE NX, Concord, or Simon XT panel, the owner needs to add a Global Satellite Module to their system as well, and sign up for service with “”, which by no surprise you can learn more about at

Alarm2000 has the experience of having installed both products and have the relationships with the U/L Listed Central Monitoring Stations to add this service to anyone who would like it.

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  1. Keith says:

    Well, unless you are my cousin, not so, but please call me so I can try to help. Best wishes!!

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