Barbara A. contacting me because she is traveling during the holidays and wants to arm her security alarm system, but needs to allow someone to enter her home while she is out of town.

Home burglaries are at their highest during the holiday season due to homes being vacant more while homeowners are shopping and traveling, and the collection of new merchandise with gift receipts nicely collected under the tree. Arming your monitored security system during the holidays is especially important, but it is NOT a good idea to give anyone your alarm system code. All systems allow for multiple user codes. Depending on the system you typically can have between  6 and 32 user codes. Ask the person who needs access to your home what they want their code to be. Do not make up a code for the person as they are likely to write it on something since it is not a number that means anything to them. Add that code so they can arm and disarm your system while you are traveling, and when you return from your trip, delete the code that was assigned and that person will no longer have the ability to control your system.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


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