I am the treasurer of the San Diego Security Association. As a result, I am aware of changes that the City of San Diego is looking at making with the Security Alarm Permit fees for San Diego homeowners and business owners.

A little over a year ago the city raised the fee from $55 to $100.25 for a two-year permit. This fee is much higher than any other city in the county, and can not be justified by the cost of administering the alarm permit program, which is all that it is supposed to cover.

Even representatives of the San Diego Police who have attended our association’s meetings have shared that they would like to have the fee lowered and shift the cost to those alarm owners who do not take care of their equipment and create excessive false alarms, as is done in most other cities successfully.

If the city council does not receive feedback from their constituents, they presume that they do not care about the excessive fee and will increase it even further. Every City of San Diego home and business owner that has a monitored security alarm system needs to contact their City Council Member and let them know that you DO CARE about this fee, and that you VOTE!!

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