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Geo tracking gives home and business owners new capabilities that go way beyond security and emergency response. The way that it works is that your smart phone has GPS built into it, and if you have your location services enabled, will always know your physical location (Assuming that you are with your phone of course, but when are you ever away from that??). Now you can make rules of what you want to happen based on your location. For example, if I am home, my Z-wave thermostat should be set at the temperature that I like when I am home, or if I am more than a half mile from my home, set the temperature to the setting I like when my house is empty. Or, if I drive away from my home, and forget to close my garage door, close it for me. Or, arm my system, or turn my lights on or off. You can see where these rules can really cut down on wasted electricity usage.

You can also outfit your children with a smart phone, and program to send you a notification via text and/or email when your child is more than a defined distance from their school. All of these rules can be made 24 hours, or just in effect certain times of day.

These services are all included in the basic service without any upgrades or additional fees, so it has become very affordable for homeowners to have this added connection with their home and their kids. I sincerely hope that more people take advantage of this exciting new technology.

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