How much is your time worth?

I am constantly reminded how effective the millions of dollars that big companies spend on marketing their brand is, and how gullible the average American is to get sucked in to it, HOOK, LINE & SINKER!

The Cable Companies are getting extremely aggressive in convincing the public that you should abandon the security companies that they have earned your trust through decades of experience, and trust the phone/TV guy to service your security needs. I have explained in length in previous blog entries why they are doing this, and why it is a short sighted decision for the customer to get sucked into this “DEALS”. Once you accept their proprietary equipment that only THEY can monitor, they can raise the rates on your Alarm Monitoring, TV, Internet, and phone service. And because it is all bundled together with your proprietary alarm system there is nothing you can do but pay them.

Well, then there are those folks who are too clever for their own good! They say that they are not worried about what the company might do to the rate, because they will renegotiate or just hire a competitor who will put in a new system for them when they cancel. These are the folks that I am addressing this blog to: How much is your time worth?

No matter who you get a professionally installed security system from, if it is U/L Listed equipment and monitored, you have a commodity. The only way that Security Alarm Companies vary is on price and customer service. You never experience customer service until there is a problem with your security system. So when your system is not working, and you are spending hours on hold with your alarm company, and waiting weeks to get a service call, and waiting around all day for the tech to arrive at your place, I want you to ask yourself “What is my time worth?”. When you receive the notice that your monthly monitoring rate is going up and you are once again spending hours on the internet and on the phone discovering what the current best deal is I want you to ask yourself “What is my time worth?”.

For most folks who are in the market for a security system the answer is going to be $25 to $250 an hour. Even on the low end, if you multiply it times the hours you waste going with a big company and putting yourself in a monopoly you will see that your perceived savings of a dollar or two per month is really costing you a ton of money. So get smart and choose a local company that charges you a fair rate, won’t increase their rate at the end of your initial term, and give you great customer service!

Stay Safe.

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