Rancho Bernardo Thugs Caught… Everyone is Safe Now???

We enjoyed a nice spike of business with the recent home invasions in the Rancho Bernardo and Scripps Ranch area, but now that the thugs responsible for the crime have been caught, I am sure that everyone is going to fall back into their false sense of security. The fact is that the type of crimes that this group was doing is very rare and unusual, and therefor news worthy. I even got my minute of fame being interviewed by Fox News regarding these crimes. Check out the link: http://fox5sandiego.com/2016/02/16/home-security-systems-rise-in-robbery-areas/

So, the crime that is still happening every day is not interesting or unusual enough to make the news, but it is still a real threat to everyone that can easily be avoided with the installation of an electronic security system. The neighbor’s teenage kid is still going to get into drugs, and still feel the need to break into their neighbors’ homes to take their cash and jewelry to support their habit. Even though they are a “bad” kid since they are stealing from their neighbors, they are still kids, and they are scared as heck that they are going into a stranger’s home. As soon as that 100dB siren starts blaring, they are out of there!

Systems today are very affordable, so don’t let the fact that this one gang is behind bars keep you from following through with securing your home, and more importantly, your family!

Stay Safe, Keith

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