San Diego Home Security Systems and Alarm Systems Reviews and Testimonials

In our previous home we had a security system from one of the national companies and we never knew that we were forced to always use their service, and they never told us that we did not own our equipment. With Alarm2000, because we own our system and monitoring companies are competing for our business we pay about half of what we were paying before and are treated like customers with respect when we deal with our monitoring company. We really appreciated the no pressure sales technique of Alarm2000 and our installer was very experienced and courteous.
Barry & Kelly, Golden Hill

Thanks so much to Alarm2000 for coming out to our house to help us get set up with a home security system. Of course, we regret not having done so before we were broken into, but hindsight is always 20/20. We can rest assured that we won’t be broken into again! We feel that we received a great value for the price we paid for the system…
Jan & Linda, La Mesa

Last winter a fire started in our garage, but thanks to the heat detector that Alarm2000 installed, even though we were not home, the fire department was immediately dispatched to our home and the fire was put out before it spread to our home. Thanks to Alarm2000 our home and our pets were saved!
Jose & Lupe, Chula Vista

My grandmother lives in our home and suffered a heart attack while we were at work. She pressed the medical pendant that Alarm2000 sold us and in just a few minutes the paramedics showed up at our house and transported her to the hospital in time to save her. My family really appreciates the quality of equipment that Alarm2000 uses in their installations, thank you…
Rachel, Carlsbad

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