WARNING! Security Salespeople pretending to be with Alarm2000

Please be warned, and alert your friends and neighbors.

I have had three customers in the last month call me to ask if we sent a Representative to offer an upgrade to their alarm system. We, nor any legitimate security company, would randomly knock on our customer’s door to offer them an upgrade. If we, or any legitimate company needed to communicate with our customers an offer, we would mail you an offer, either independently, or more likely with your monthly invoice. If anyone approaches you, and says that they are with your current alarm company, please ask that individual for a business card, and to show you a picture identification. Keep the card, and just tell them that you will call them if interested. Then call the police and/or file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs at http://www.dca.ca.gov/online_services/complaints/consumer_complaint.shtml or you can call the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services at (916) 322-4000 or (800) 952-5210.

Once these unethical companies feel the heat from law enforcement and the state agencies that govern our industry, they will fold up their tents and move on to the next town, which is unfortunately what has been going on in this and many other businesses for decades! You may know someone who got an new alarm or an “upgrade” from one of these scammers, who ended up with poor customer service, because by the time their system needs service, the company that signed them up does not even exist anymore. So, if you do meet up with these characters, please take the time to report them before they hurt too many people.

Stay Safe! Keith

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